WHEN: 14-10-2017 TO 01-12-2017

Here at the Royal Exchange we pride ourselves on our Italian roots. One of our dearest obsessions is pasta, in all it’s forms, which is why we are delighted to be partnering with the Pasta Evangelists from November 6th-1st December. Pasta Evangelists, bring fresh, artisanal pasta dishes and authentic Italian sauces to your door, they send your everything you need pasta, sauce, garnishes and step-by-step instructions, with no wastage. To celebrate we’ve created a real gem of a dish, Clams & Bottarga, chilli, parsely, saffron broth served with Fregola. Calm yourselves! Available throughout Threadneedle, Gallery, Grand Cafe, Sautrelle and also on the Pasta Evanglist’s website if separation proved too much. We will also be holding Pasta Masterclass on 17th November and a Pasta Feast with Pasta Evangelist founder Giles Coren.

For more information on the Master Class click here.

For more information on the Giles Coren’s Pasta Feast click here.